Community House in Sunnyside 2016

Sunnyside Community House , located in the SE Portland neighborhood, was enhanced by a new entryway mural inside the northeast corner of the building during the Summer of 2016. Rin, of Sleeping Bee STUDIO, contributed her time along side Joanne and Amanda to bring the community in to paint 8×8 inch “tiles”. Joanne, who initiated the project, contacted Rin, worked with the SCH to arrange the preparation of the space, gain permissions and generate outreach to the surrounding community. Joanne and Rin prepared the white wall with a faux “chair rail” painted in a lovely sage green and got the “tiles” taped off for the upcoming painters.

The project culminated in a number of group paints with families, students and other volunteers. What was a bland white entry way now featured art about the neighborhood by members of the SE Portland community.

For more details on the project please visit our web album on Facebook.

Fundraising Campaign 2015 Complete


Thanks to the help of 3 Cleveland High School students the finishing touches were made to the Creating Community Mural Restoration. Along side Rin, they were put to the task of repainting the thin black lines throughout the mural. The precise and careful work was amazing and they are wonderful young artists. Thanks again from the STUDIO.

Creating Community Mural 8_9_15 detail 1 Primer stage

PHASE 2: The Blue Group on the Creating Community Mural in SE Portland Oregon are standing out again. The original Artist from the 2003, our artist in residence, is back up at the wall again in the capacity of restorer. Read further after this article if you want the back story…. Progress has been made in the cooler temperatures. Primed red, orange and yellow today to move the restoration forward. See more on facebook

Today’s cooler weather offered an opportunity to get back up to the restoration. I retouched forest green areas and used primer in places to cover what needs to still be retouched. I will have more of that for a few more hours and then move on to blue areas. Interesting conversation at the wall today, as usual, that had great content and discussion. Thank you to those who chatted while I worked.

Creating Community Mural 8_9_15 detail 1

Can you help today? YES ?your gift to the Restoration of the Creating Community Mural will allow artist Rin and others in the community to complete the repainting, cover the cost of paint and clear coat. Help bring the mural all the way back….make it a reality.  Online payment click here

Fundraising Campaign 2015 (phase 1)

We reached the goal…. CLEANER ordered and utilized thanks to the supporters!!!! Now, cleaning and repairs complete!!!


 James Flodwick       Marcee Meijer       Kim & Mike Gordon       Benjamin Drucker       Claire & Walt Burt       Jill Carroll       Chris Frost       Rachel Dresbek       Dan Beard     Cynthia L. Carrell       John Nettleton       Kelly Wellington       Nicole Schulak   

Mirador Community Store      Division/Clinton Business Association

Help the cause by giving money to fund the restoration of the SE Portland Creating Community Mural.


In mid January 2015 the mural was damaged by 4 large tag symbols that were spray painted across the 72′ span. The original artist, Rin Carroll Jackson, has been working to get the original 4 tags cleaned up. Due to the age of the mural (2003) the products used have been changed and discontinued and there are no city funds for which the mural qualifies. A product that was discontinued in 2010 Zinsser Graffiti Remover can be purchased today in a 5 gallon size only. $386.00 plus the shipping cost is what were are trying to raise.

Mural _defaced face_ reappears 2015 - Copy

Again in early April, the mural was struck by large black letters and that portion, which covered all the names of those who helped, has been mostly cleaned off (see left image) thanks to a partial bottle that Rin found in here mural painting storage area. MURAL WAS STRUCK AGAIN 4/25 or so….. Without funding the mural restoration goes undone. Can you help today? With the correct product the spray paint lifts fairly well right off the clear coat that protects the surface.  Any amount you can give will bring us closer to purchasing the cleaner and getting the work started. Thank you in advance for your help. Online payment click here or on her nose!

SEE MORE on murals created in the Pacific Northwest Oregon USA – solo and group projects in which our artist-in-resident has participated

  • Sellwood Middle School “Justice” Mural 2009
  • Mural Paint Off 2008
  • West Gresham Elementary School 2008
  • “Creating Community Mural” 2003

Want to see more of the murals that Rin has done in Portland? To view the photos in my facebook album titled Photos from Mural Work click here

Sellwood Middle School “JUSTICE” Mural 2009

Joanne Oleksiak, Eduardo Fernandez and Rin Carroll Jackson featured in the Sellwood Bee Article by David Ashton.
  • Project Coordinator – Joanne Oleksiak
  • Lead Painter – Eduardo Fernandez
  • Site Coordinator – Rin Carroll Jackson


Mural Paint Off  2008

Keyhole Door Mural by Rin Carroll Jackson

To view a slide show of the 2008 event that involved 100 artists each painting on individual, donated doors in the 100 degree weather click here.

I transformed my “door mural” onto a pillar candle which is available in the Showroom or online at my etsy store.


West Gresham Elementary School Mural Project 2008

In April 2008, Rin assessed the site at West Gresham Elementary School to start a project for the school’s outdoor playground area. Being April in the Portland area she felt blessed to be working inside with the students in the large gym area. Especially with the weather that year being extra rainy and wet. The project presented some interesting aspects as it needed to accommodate the inclusion of the Kindergarten – 5th span of the student body.  With Rin’s ability to organize, think creatively and connect with young artists she felt inspired by the challenge.

After assessing the site, meeting with the principal and generating a plan the project was set in motion. The mural was to be an installation that would be worked on inside and upon completion mounted onto the West Facing wall of the outdoor play space. The collaboration of efforts included the principals’ Dad priming the elements prior to beginning, and the students, teachers and parent-helpers working hard to bring the mural forth. Kindergarten and first grade students were on the “Big Blue Cloud Panels” team. Second and third graders where on the “Fence Picket” team and the 4th and 5th graders made up the “Things That Fly” team. For each team there was a different method of approaching their section of the mural.

Kindergarten & first grade team members gained skills in patience, group dynamics, applying paint using a roller, creating stencils with their own ideas, converting the stencil images onto big 4′ x 8′ panels and sponge painting methods to make the cloud shapes. 1st and 2nd graders where each provided a white fence picket to decorate in stages at different “color stations” that Rin coordinated. 4th and 5th graders had a challenge of working in teams of 5-6 young artists. “Team-decision-making” was a key element, and the most difficult, to the approach of creating their 4′ x 4′ panels of “things that fly”.  A definitive cut-off-time was initiated to encourage the final decision of the team. After selecting their panel image they learned the grid method of transferring their sketches onto their panel. The team members of each group took turns painting the elements of the image onto the panel.

Teachers were pleased with the organization, planning and effort that Rin took to make the project flow smoothly and give the kids the most benefit from the art experience. The fact that each child had an opportunity to work on the section of the mural that would ultimately be displayed was a wonderful part of the process. To have the 3rd grader run out the mural after it was completed and be able to point to the picket they had completed warmed the heart and allowed them to feel part of the creative team.

Another element of the project was a dedication to the the music teacher’s teenage son who had lost his life in a drowning accident.  The music room windows face the mural and therefore she can look out and witness the community efforts to honor her son. The principal asked that we incorporate features that would focus on themes that showed his interests. A basketball, saxophone and running shoe with wing on the back was painted in the clouds. A plaque with his name,  a description of the mural, title and artist name was erected on the mural after the dedication and stands as a way to honor his life.

Rin had a wonderful time interacting with the amazing kids, teachers, parent-helpers, and volunteers who assisted her with installing the elements onto the wall to bring the whole project together. Her two sons came out to the mural as her “assistants” to enhance their art experience in their homeschooling curriculum and have a picket adorning the mural.

Creating Community Mural 2003

Design by Rin Carroll Jackson of Art Endeavors, LLC Portland, OR

Image by: David Ashton

In 2003 a competition to update the mural  at Rite Aid on SE 39th Ave and SE Division St. was initiated (thanks D/CBA)   It was decided that a community vote would be set in motion to select from 4 finalists who had submitted design images for the new mural. “Creating Community” by Rin Carroll Jackson was chosen to adorn the wall. The “community-chosen” design incorporated many of the steps the surrounding citizens were taking to enhance the ecology of the Richmond Neighborhood area. The 2 week process of gridding, sketching and painting the 11′ x 72′ wall included 40 volunteers to complete the project. Volunteers, ages 3 -78 from various parts of the city worked to create the colorful captivating mural. The image is a positive depiction of a central group encompassed by a sweeping “quilt-like” section that expands out to a path going Eastward full of open space and opportunity. A tree is just about to be planted and a young figure in the central group blows bubbles that waft across to the right.

Artist Jordan Vinograd Kim was a vital part of the project working along side Rin to do the more technical gradation and detail work. The names of those that participated in the project are listed on a “sign” painted on the far right of the mural. The wonderful outpouring of community creativity is common in this area with an amazing number of artists, many local businesses and restaurants too, making this a charm of SE Portland.

STRUCK BY GRAFFITI….2010 Repaired by original artist

During the Spring of 2010 the “Creating Community Mural” was tagged by 2 different spray paint markings. Rin was notified, and due to the efforts of the D/CBA (Division Clinton Business Association) to get a grant to cover the supplies and restoration, Rin was determined to get it back to original shape. The final feathering in of the clear coating that protects the mural was completed in September of 2010.

2010 news on the Mural:

The “Providence Together” publication arrived at the studio today. The article features the “Creating Community Mural” in which they did a great job with layout. Excited to have the exposure and the mural images really enhance the feel of the article. Pleased.

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