About the Artist

Rin Carroll Jackson is a local artist providing unique art, design, batik and mural services from her Studio/Design Office in SE  Portland, OR.  Rin has developed her own products which she sells online at Square, periodic studio shows, and various local events

A little history.  In 2003 Rin Carroll Jackson formed the, women-owned,  RCJ Art Endeavors, LLC. Early in 2004, she moved from her home studio into the commercial space at 3561 SE Division St. Her initial approach included the wide arching STUDIO / DESIGN OFFICE / GALLERY combination. After building her business, founding the SE Area ARTWalk, completing the 720 sq ft “Creating Community” mural along-side 40 community members of all ages, and having served for a while on the Board of the D/CBA Rin is rooted in her neighborhood. Yet, the neighborhood she knew when she moved in, in 1997, is no longer.

Rin with moon.jpgEmbarking on an “endeavor of passion & energy” she brings her focus to her personal growth as an artist, compassion as a partner (of Joe Jackson, guitarist & co-creator of Sleeping Bee Batiks) and Mother of 2 amazing young adults.

Her current angle is toward becoming more enveloped in her artwork, developing the online commerce angle of her business to move it forward. In 2014 the new Sleeping Bee STUDIO became the main hub of operations and she is thrilled with the space she and her husband worked to develop.  Her own work and the couples unique, team-approach shows in their beautiful long lasting creations! Find more on Yelp  , Square or by becoming a fan of Sleeping Bee Studio on facebook.  Thanks for your patience as we navigate this new world ~

1 thought on “About the Artist

  1. With the introduction of facebook’s new restrictive access unless you are a facebook member I hope you will take a chance to start the conversation here.
    If you have questions about the contents of this blog please let us know. Rain barrels, local information about Portland resources, etc. Thanks for your continued interest.
    The crew at Sleeping Bee.

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