We’re Sleeping Bee Batiks

Big Brush and wax ORANGE Brush and wax ORANGEBatik is the ancient art of utilizing beeswax to resist dye applications on fabrics. We make a variety of products at the studio…Want to see videos of our production series?

Our “hands-on” creative process In Stage. Dye and Wax Process - Gazania Flower, Triple Fish -  Original Batik_Sleeping Bee Batiks_RCJAE, LLC all rights reservedincludes melting locally raised beeswax (by Glen Andreson NE PDX), using a tool to draw the wax on so it seeps into the material, placing fabric in multiple dye baths, (Procion dye process) and boiling out the wax in the final stage with collected Portland rainwater.  Ready to place a custom order…?

RCJ AE, LLC all rights reserved Sleeping Bee Batiks Washtub Washcloth.jpgOur logo that goes on each creation “Division-Infinity” is a combination of the infinity symbol and the dots from the Division symbol. We envision the infinite possibilities and the amazing neighborhood in which we live. We would love to hear your ideas and do custom orders. As always, our focus is on positive, community supportive, sustainable endeavors.
Stock Pot Sleeping Bee Batiks 2013 All rights reserved.jpgConsider supporting a woman-owned, family run business when you are contemplating staff attire, employee gifts, family reunions or company gifts.

5 Responses to Batik

  1. Jill says:

    I have several batik shirts and love every one of them! Fabulous designs and colors. One of my favorites is the peacock feather with instruments. I’ve special ordered some items including a toddler outfit. The possibilities are endless.

  2. Thanks Jill,
    We appreciate the kind feedback you provided. We strive to create quality products with the most sustainable methods and pride ourselves on skill and craftsmanship that we have developed over the years. We utilize locally-raised beeswax, brushes, batik tools, buckets, dyes, a washing machine, collected rain water, boiling water, a propane-fueled heat source and occasionally an iron. We are trying to get up to speed on our ordering process through the blog (so keep checking back…) , but in the mean time we encourage our past, present and future customers to access our “First Contact form” as it allows you to communicate directly with us to get your desired item. We keep your contact information private and will not share it with a third party.
    We are also on facebook for the latest news and information about the Sleeping Bee Studio

    Have a wonderful day.
    The Staff at Sleeping Bee Studio

  3. Ilhamsyah says:

    Wonderful. It’s so unique, creative and interesting.
    Success for your Batik

    • Thank you Ilhamsyah. Saw a few photos of your process on your website, but want to take some more time to view your website. Thanks for reaching out to us. We appreciate the kind words you provided…
      Have a great day.

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