Studio in SE Portland

Rooted in the “artsy” heart of SE Richmond Neighborhood. Variety of SE Portland ORIGINAL Batik work from Sleeping Bee Studio_RCJAE, LLC all rights reserved copyright 2013.jpg - rdzPortland, OR USA

All rights reserved - Lizzie with snowflakes 08     The resident artist and local, in-studio batik team are thrilled to be settled into the creative zone. Artist and designer, Rin Carroll Jackson, and musician and dye specialist Joe Jackson work to bring the dream of theirs full circle as they shift out of the commercial/retail zone and into the quaint space that they have worked together to build. Rin and Joe salvaged doors and elements of the old garage studio to bring into the new structure, painted the studio exterior, built a storage loft, and installed basic plywood interior walls after a company helped them insulate the studio.  “The space is not large, but it provides a way for us to work more efficiently, offers a covered portion off the front for outdoor space, increases our capacity for rain collection Rain barrel system and boiling batiks at the front of the studio_rdz.jpg(165 gallons) and incorporates the Made to order products at etsy!home-based business back into our lives.” In addition to cutting expenses for the business, with the rising cost of rental spaces in our area, the studio location helps us be available for our 2 sons’ learning experiences. We have made the choice to provide a home-based learning experience for our boys. In addition to their own pursuits, they have been witnessing the fun and function of running a creative business. Over the years they have contributed by providing shirt designs, helping gain skills with our summer booth events and more recently by contributing a product that they have created.

Bee logoAs we make the space our own and get our rhythm going, we are excited to continue our creative endeavors and provide quality products to our customers. We see great things happening at the new Sleeping Bee Studio.

Contact information can be found here

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