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Making art, creating design, waxing batik & painting murals

Rin Carroll Jackson – Artist in Residence Portland, OR

Being in an area of SE Portland where there is a concentration of artists is exciting. (see SE Area ARTWalk map) From one block to the next there are creatives nestled into their unique spaces doing their skilled work. Creations in glass, fabric, ceramic, photography, sculpture and more are part of our neighborhoods. Maintaining recognition of the skills and talents of these artisans in the increasingly crowded landscape is a challenge. The drastic change in the dynamics of our commerce district has taken some adjustment, to say the least, and getting the public aware of various artists located here is a mighty task. Ultimately, there would be a SE Art and Culture Council that would publicize, organize and provide ways to allow us to thrive throughout the year. But, as individual artists we are left to our own devices to self promote, work hard and get ourselves out there to make our art count.

Yes, convenience wise, it is easier to jump online and click a button to purchase and item, we all do it.  Shop for the Sleeping Bee Products HERE!!!

And yes, you can buy art that way if you take the time to search it out. In your search though, the large corporations have enormous budgets to get your attention, created a platform for presenting said needed item and take your money with ease. Time one has in their day to search out artists or visit local establishments is quite limited for those navigating their daily routine. Also, money spent on art is not always an option.

As an artist and citizen, I feel passionate about the inclusion of art and culture in my community. Combining with other artists, crafters, and musicians for various events has been a challenging, enjoyable and rewarding experience over the past 20 years in the Richmond Neighborhood and greater Portland Metro area. Affordable creative spaces, available venues to show and reasonable costs of entry to events are things facing artists here and now in 2017.  Reinventing, continually exploring for opportunities and striving to build a business seem to be tools artists have at the ready in their tool belts. Putting the time and effort into making our art is essential, but all the nitty-gritty detail work it takes to bring that art to the public eye is often overlooked.

The more one talks to artists the more appreciation they seem to develop for the unique skill sets it takes to create the work, promote that work and sell it in a marketplace. I would like to take a moment to give a shout out to all those artists that put in the daily practice of living as an artist and bringing wonderful pieces to the world. If you have a moment to thank an artist, please take that moment to do so.

[I, and hope other artists would agree, am very grateful to SE Uplift, Division/Clinton Business Assoc., RACC, Richmond Neighborhood Assoc., Portland Mural Defense, SE Examiner, New Season’s Market, Hosford-Abernethy Neighborhood Development, _{Mirador we miss you}, …], Who am I missing in the list..fill out below and I will add them on? 

About sleepingbeestudio

Batik, Illustration, Graphic Design, Murals & art consulting Woman owned - sustainably minded - local artist Her current commitment is toward becoming more enveloped in her artwork, developing the online commerce angle of her business and broadening her flexibility in these challenging times. Appointments mandatory 🧼🗝🕒🚙 ONLINE PYMNT Safety - curb pick up - masked exchange 2020 has shifted our business model so please set an appointment with us so we can best serve our clients needs. (c) 2020 Rin Carroll Jackson Art Endeavors, LLC all rights reserved
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